Mission Statement


At collegiate decluttering LLC, we value our clients' opinions above all else. Each home organization job is tailored to our clients' unique needs. We do not tell our clients how to organize their homes, we help them organize their homes the way they would like. We greatly appreciate and enjoy the close relationships we develop with our clients, and our company was founded with these values in mind, and we intend to adhere to our values in all our endeavors at Collegiate Decluttering LLC.


Our services are high quality and our clients are left satisfied with their home after our work is complete, guaranteed. We are committed to ensuring that each and every client feel that we have provided service to them that they can appreciate and build upon. The service we provide is designed to provide benefit to our clients, and we feel strongly about this. Our partners started this company to help people, and at Collegiate Decluttering LLC, we are committed to that vision.


Each and every one of our jobs is completed in the most efficient and least time-consuming way possible. Although we charge by the hour, our scheduled are quite flexible and we often cut down or increase the amount of time we spend on each job, dependent upon our clients' individual needs and desires. We never take more or less time on a job then is absolutely necessary and we communicate effectively with our clients on an ongoing basis throughout the course of every job.


We respect our clients, and that includes their right to privacy. We never disclose to the public any specifics about our projects. The contents of our clients' homes are their personal property, and we respect their right to privacy in that aspect. Information regarding the specifics of each job is only ever discussed between the partners and our employees involved in that project specifically. We never record specific information regarding the contents of a client's home or the nature of their personal possessions.


We are committed to helping our clients, and this company was established with an altruistic goal in mind. With respect to this fact, we are committed to philanthropy. We work closely with several philanthropic organizations and regularly coordinate donations of our clients' unwanted items. We always encourage that our clients donate any unwanted items, as opposed to throwing them out. We coordinate client donations, and we always provide our clients with a tax write-off receipt for their donations. In this way, we are providing a benefit to our clients and the community at large, something that we feel strongly about at Collegiate Decluttering LLC.

Our Team

We only work with people that understand our Mission at Collegiate Decluttering LLC. All our employees and business partners fully endorse and believe in our values and vision for the company. We are not willing to compromise on our values, and we do not engage in any practices that could jeopardize the execution of our vision. At Collegiate Decluttering LLC we are committed to customer satisfaction, and we believe in pursuing this mindset in everything we do as a company.

Our Partners

Jacob M. Sock

Jacob is studying Software Engineering at Michigan State University and is the CTO of Sympl, an app development company. He became interested in decluttering after conducting research into the psychology of home arrangement.

(586) 298-7909

Alexander W. Furtaw

Alexander is a student at Michigan State University currently studying Political Science/Pre-Law. He became involved in decluttering while helping friends and family declutter their homes and realizing the benefits that they gained from it.

(313) 610-1329